Benefits of ChickenGuard Automatic Chicken Coop Door Openers

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“It is a cold winter morning, the temperature outside is below freezing, and your girls are “cooped” up with cabin fever just wanting to get out and stretch their legs after laying one of their famous tasty free range eggs for you.  Normally you’d be happy to accommodate, but it is the weekend and you are all cozy in your pajamas about to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea.”

Had you an automatic chicken coop door opener, such as ChickenGuard, the above dilemma wouldn’t even cross your mind because at sun rise, the light sensor on your opener would raise that coop door open to allow your hens free access to the yard.  The added convenience of this wonderful invention is obvious.

With the ChickenGuard pop door opener, you can program it to open via a timer, light sensor, or both.  It takes the hassle out of a daily task that over the year occupies hours of chicken owner’s time.  Other benefits include sleeping in on Sundays, staying out late on date night without having to worry about rushing home before sunset, going on a vacation without having to hire a neighbor or local kid, and providing that peace of mind that your chickens are safe during the night.

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