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Looking for the best top-rated automatic chicken coop door opener on the market?  Look no further!

Endorsed by The Chicken Whisperer, The Chicken Chick, Fresh Eggs Daily, and frequently highlighted on, the ChickenGuard automatic chicken coop door opener is the #1 auto coop door.

Just read a few of our many 5-star reviews:

James W says “Perfect!! Exactly what I needed! Opens and closes my chicken coop just when I want it, set it to operate by setting time or by dawn or dusk or a combination of both, I can’t recommend it enough”

Dale B goes on to say “Excellent Product! I installed my ChickenGuard Premium system several weeks ago to replace another type of system that was frustratingly unreliable. The new system was easy to install and simple to program. I have mine set up to open the henhouse door at 7:30-am clocktime and to close at sunset using the light sensor. Works like a charm, simple to use and totally reliable. Also I appreciate the red LED indicator light that shows the door is closed at night. Now I can check it from the bedroom window rather than walking across a wet lawn in the rain with a flashlight. Great product – I highly recommend it.”

Enjoy our product demonstration video, with voice over by none other than Andy Schneider, The Chicken Whisperer!

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