Why does the low battery warning light flash, even though I have just replaced the batteries?

The LED light works on a voltage basis and cannot give a false reading. If you get a low battery warning light after you have installed new batteries, please check that the new batteries are fully charged.

Why does the LCD display on my ChickenGuard not remain illuminated?

This is normal. The LCD display ‘goes to sleep’ after a period of inactivity to increase battery life.  You can reawaken your unit by pressing MENU.

I have set up the ChickenGuard, but the unit is completely lifeless. What’s gone wrong?

All of our units are thoroughly tested before they leave the factory.  Please ensure that you have not pinched the battery cable wire between the lid and the box and you have correctly inserted 4XAA batteries with a good connection and that they are oriented correctly.  Lastly, check that you haven’t pulled on any connector cables. Duracell batteries are not recommended.

Why does my ChickenGuard repeatedly display the ‘door jam’ message?

If the ‘door jam’ message appears repeatedly, this means that your motor is having difficulty in lifting your door. This could be for one of two reasons; either your door is not sliding easily on the runners, or you have a tangled cord. Please check your runners, the weight of the door (waterlogged wooden doors weigh almost twice as much) and also have a look inside your unit to make sure your cord is spun correctly on the spindle. Please note that you will not be able to re-calibrate the door with the lid removed. Simply removing the batteries will not clear this message – you will need to clear the obstruction.

Why does the light sensor on my ChickenGuard not work?

Your light sensor is designed to activate your door over gradual light changes so that it does not open the door in a lightning storm or when car headlights pass by. It takes an average reading every 3 minutes to account for this; therefore, simply covering the light sensor with your hand will not activate the sensor. Also please note that if your ChickenGuard is positioned near a floodlight or street light, this will affect your sensor and you may need to orient it in a position with less ambient light.

I have calibrated the door, however, it is not fully opening/closing. Why is this?


Do you offer the Extreme model on Electric Power?

Unfortunately, due to the structure of the Extreme units, we are unable to convert them into an electrically powered version.

What is the length of the cord that is provided as part of the ChickenGuard. Is it possible to order a longer cord if necessary?

The cord that is provided with the unit as standard is approximately 1.5 metres long. Please bear in mind that this includes a small amount of cord that has to remain wound around the spindle inside theChickenGuard. If you would like to adjust the cord to make it longer, simply state this in the ‘notes’ section when placing your order, or contact us so that we can make the adjustments to your unit as necessary.

Does the time on the units change automatically when the clocks change?

No, the time does not change automatically. This means you will have to change the time and LUX settings on your unit as necessary when the clocks go forward/back.

The spool which holds the string on my ChickenGuard has fallen off of my unit, how can I get this repaired?

This is a rare problem that occurs from time to time. We can either send out a replacement spool/spindle, which can be fitted by using an alan key to remove the existing spool/spindle and replace with the new one; or you can return the unit to us so that we can return it to you once we have mended it in our workshop.

Is it possible to purchase replacement parts?


Is it possible to place the ChickenGuard inside my chicken coop?

Yes, but the light sensor function will not be able to be activated.

Will the Premium Mains (electric power) unit work in the United States?

Yes, we supply the charger for this unit with a universal plug adaptor, so all you have to do is fix the US plug option to the charger.

What is the temperature range that the ASTi Premium unit can endure?

ChickenGuards are been used in over 30 countries across the world, with users in Russia, Canada, Australia, and in the USA from Hawaii to Alaska. It is evidently able to operate across many extremes of temperature.

My unit is out of warranty, can I still get it repaired?

If the item is found to be faulty it will be repaired, or replaced, free of charge, subject to being within the 3-years Warranty period.
If the item is out of warranty, but can be repaired, this will be offered at a cost of £25 (+associated shipping charges).

If the item is out of warranty, but cannot be repaired, a discounted (30% off) rate will be offered on a new purchase.

I ordered an ASTx Extreme unit, however it does not have the ‘Xtreme’ sticker on the front. Have I been sent the wrong unit?

We actually no longer produce the ASTx units with the ‘Xtreme’ stickers. However, if you remove the front panel from your unit so that you can see the motor, you will be able to determine which model you have. The extreme unit possesses a red cap on the motor, whereas the Premium has a silver cap on the motor. Alternatively, if you scroll through the menu, you will eventually come to an option entitled ‘Version’. If you press the ‘Menu’ button again once you reach this option, the model of the unit will be displayed on the screen.

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