ChickenGuard ASTx EXTREME


The best chicken coop door opener for extreme weather conditions.



(Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener)

Newly Redesigned Version – May 2017 Release

The Extreme ChickenGuard is built to automatically open your chicken coop door in the morning and close it at night in extreme weather.  The ChickenGuard Extreme is used by customers in the arctic conditions of Alaska to the heat of Australia.  It has both a timer and a light sensor.  Its outer casing and components are constructed with military grade standards to withstand extreme temperature and rainfall variations.  Harsher and remote conditions often means you need a heavier door for your chicken coop so the Extreme model has an upgraded motor which can lift up to 4kg / 8lbs.

It comes with a 3 year peace of mind warranty (though they last a lot longer). We know it works because each unit is tested in the factory in Britain, including the electronics. The Extreme ChickenGuard works on a timer which you can set.  It runs on 4 AA batteries and has a warning light to let you know when the batteries are low.  The ChickenGuard simply mounts on the exterior of your coop and is simple to set up with no complicated wiring.  Its user friendly 3 button design and clear LCD display makes it simple to use.

  • Working temperature of -20º F to 120° F.
  • Integrated Timer and LUX Sensor for total control.
  • Configurable fail-safe mode – closes door at a programmable time even if it is still light.
  • Manually control the door with a simple press of the button.
  • Easily adjustable light sensitivity to vary when the door opens or closes when using the light sensor.
  • Fully featured LCD Display for ease of use.
  • Door closed indicator visible up to 100 yards away.
  • Low battery warning indicator.
  • All in one design.
  • Long battery life.
  • No complicated wiring or cabling.
  • 4kg / 8lb door lifting capacity.
  • Full 3 year warranty.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in



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