The Newly Redesigned ChickenGuard is HERE!

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We are pleased to announce that the newly redesigned ChickenGuard openers are now available for purchase on our website.  These openers have all the great technology that you were getting with the older versions, and much more!  Beyond the sleek new look, here are some differences between the new and old versions:

  • Exterior coop mounting holes have been moved from inside the opener to the outside corners for easier access.
  • More responsive buttons have been applied to the three-button interface making it easier to program and navigate the menu.
  • The inside spool and motor assembly has been reconfigured to prevent line tangles and door jams.
  • A USB port has been added to allow for future accessory enhancements and upgrades.
  • The black resin seal on the electronic board of the face-plate has been stamped with helpful information.

Here are things that have remained the same:

  • The programming menu is the same easy-to-navigate format.
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries and a silicon gasket seal are still included.
  • Integrated timer and/or light sensor options.
  • Peace of mind 3 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Keeps your girls safe and allows you to sleep in late!

ChickenGuard continues to innovate and exceed customer expectations, with the goal of being the #1 choice and leader in automated coop door openers.  All these changes were a result of listening to customer feedback.  More great improvements and expansions to come!


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